The Great economy of UK

Andorra : Small but terrible

Andorra, is a small country and it’s location is very mountainous. And the size of the country is 2.5 times of Washington D.C. Andorra is located in Southwestern of Europe. The main sources of income of the country is farming, processing of tobacco and timber. There are a lot of good tourist spots in Andorra and that makes most of the economy of Andorra other than farming. And what makes Andorra great for tourists? The cool climate and the prices there are very cheap and tax free that makes tourists nuts and wanna go back and live in Andorra. That is the advantage of Andorra to it’s neighbors like France and Spain. In 2005 the estimated GDP of Andorra is at $1.9 billion. Andorra is small but really terrible when it comes to their places and economy. And surely, it is worth it to visit Andorra because you can buy products for tax free and you will enjoy the country because of the good places. There’s no place you’d rather be right now!

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