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Hey, who haven’t yet tried the cheeseburgers, chicken, hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, milkshakes, desserts of McDonald’s. When it is a time for choosing your favorite burgers, you majorly have McDonald’s on your mind.

This article clearly mentions and guides for McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey for the survey filling on the official sites. You can observe each and every step and continue your survey accordingly through this post. Perform the surveys and get various offers by accomplishing it.

So enjoy the Mc Donald’s burgers, beverages, desserts and much more options that is the love of the foodie people. Make sure after enjoying the meal, Mc D is waiting for your feedback; so it takes few minutes for the survey that you have to complete through the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. Well, you are getting some offers for your next meal.

Feedback from customers is essential and leaves a strong effect. Whether it is clean/good or filthy, you may give feedback in any way. This helps the other people and company too for making changes in it.

ABOUT McDonald’s

McDonald was found in the year 1940 by Richard and Maurice. This food chain is one of the largest food restaurants in the world that serves around 68 million customers every day. Ray Kroc was the man that purchased a franchise of Mc Donald worth $2.7 million in 1955.

Thereafter Kroc expanded this chain throughout the world by the year of 1965. A McDonald’s outlet is run by either an affiliate, a franchise, or the company itself. McDonald’s expanded its menu that includes smoothies, wraps, fruit, fish, and salads. 


Mcdvoice Survey Requirements


  • A computer, mobile, tablet or any other gadget that have internet access
  • The receipt from McDonald’s that have survey invitation.
  • You must able to read English or Spanish
  • McDonald’s limits the minimum age of 13. 
  • Only 5 Surveys Allowed per Month
  • Valid for a time of 30 days from the completion of the survey REWARDS FOR SURVEY:

Your survey will be appreciated by the company and hence they offer you various rewards to encourage you. When you complete all the questions in McDVoice survey, you will receive a validation code where you will have various special offers for the next time when you visit McDonald’s restaurants. 

Well, you can call this validation code as coupons. These kinds of offers keep on changing from time to time duration. Your McDonald’s informs you about the offers after completion of the questionnaire. McDonald’s survey which may get you $100 richer or you will definitely win free sandwiches for sure on completion of the survey.


  1. Go to the official McDVoice survey website,
  2. You should have a McDonald’s receipt with a survey code, click on the link on the left of the McDonald’s survey page and fill in the code in the appropriate space.
  3. If you do not have a receipt with a McDVoice survey code, click on the link on the right of the McDVoice main page.
  4. Begin by entering the Store # from the top right corner of your receipt.
  5. Enter the KS#, highlighted in red and with ‘2’ next to it on the sample image provided for you.
  6. Select your Date of Visit from the interactive calendar and your Time of Visit from the two drop-down menus.
  7. Your Order that appears in the 5th number, you have to enter the order number in the box.
  8. Your Amount Spent should be in the bottom corner on the right side of the receipt. Include the specific amount, including cents, exactly how it appears on your receipt.
  9. When you are ready to begin the survey, press the red Start

⤷ Enter the location that you have been in a specific state and country. Press Next

⤷ Enter the validation code to redeem the offer on your receipt.

⤷ Please enter or select the overall satisfaction experience at McD

⤷ You can rate from highly satisfied to N/A

⤷ You have to rate various stuff by its temperature, cleanliness, the accuracy of order, the taste of food, quality and the behavior of the crew with customers.

⤷ Give ratings for an overall price that you paid for your order.

⤷ Well, will you recommend to others or not for McD. That you have to rate in between “highly” likely to “not at all likely”.

  Comment any additional suggestions or words in the box. 


As a customer, you may want to tell McDonald’s something whether it is a positive or negative comment. So now you can also call on customer service number that is provided by the McDonald’s company and even you can send a letter to the office address. 

Here is the customer service phone number and McDonald’s headquarter address:

  • McDonald’s Phone Number: 1-800-244-6227
  • McDonald’s Corporate Address: 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523

Reference Links

  1. McDonald’s Customer Feedback Survey Link:
  2. McDonald’s Official Site:

These are the general questions and may vary according to the order of beverages and other stuff that is ordered by you. More detailed information about Mcdvoice Survey you can find here also I have taken some details from that site which is a very useful and latest guide about McDonald customer service.

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